About Us

From Our Founder

My initial search for everyday all natural skincare products left me frustrated and at a dead end.

I started researching different ingredients in the so called "natural" products I was already using; paying close attention to those names I did not recognize. 

There seemed to be a very loose definition for the words "all natural", because every "all natural" product I analyzed contained some type of unfamiliar, potentially harmful chemical or preservative.

Unwilling to compromise my health and the well being of my family, I decided to create my own. 

All Natural means just that here; One Hundred Percent All Natural Ingredients, One Hundred Percent of the Time!

Simple clean, pure ingredients, that offer all the nutrient rich benefits that nature intended.

We use them exclusively as a family, and I am so happy to share them with you.

Our Mission 

Did you know that over sixty percent of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream?

It is so important that we treat our largest organ (skin) with the care it deserves on a daily level.

We aim to help every individual take the guess work out of their everyday skin care label jargon.

Our mission at Umi Essence, is to take the guess work out of everyday skin care, by using only the purest ingredients nature has to offer.

Our ingredients are naturally sourced and of the highest quality.

This means no harmful chemicals or preservatives used in the creation of any of our products!

 Let us help you take care of your skin, naturally. 


To put it simply, we prefer handcrafted.

We are able to share our authentic creations with each individual, on a personal level.

Our products are created and packaged with the utmost care & attention to detail. 

You will love the way you feel!